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Skulls Laying in Golden Treasure Dice Set

Skulls Laying in Golden Treasure Dice Set

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Clear resin with skull inclusion and gold foil polyhedral dice set for dungeons and dragons, pathfinder and other tabletop RPGs.


This exquisite dice set features intricately designed skulls resting within a bed of golden treasure. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each skull is carefully placed within the golden accents, creating a captivating and unique design. The combination of the ominous skulls and the shimmering golden backdrop adds an air of mystery and adventure to your gaming experience. Whether you're a tabletop enthusiast or a collector, this Skulls Laying in Golden Treasure Dice Set is sure to impress with its striking aesthetics and quality craftsmanship. 

Each 7 dice set includes: 1d20, 1d12, 2d10, 1d8, 1d6, & 1d4

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