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FREE Today: Nebula Space Dice Sets

FREE Today: Nebula Space Dice Sets

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Nebula Pattern
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Get this set of 7 dice to enrich your tabletop experience, or gift it to buddies who are new to the imaginative realm of TTRPGs! Whether you’re just starting out or a Dungeon Master, this amazing set of seven polyhedral dice enhances gripping and fun gameplay.

Robust and balanced, these dice give perfect randomized rolls while looking good.

These dice sets are based on NASA photographs of space nebulae hundreds or thousands of light-years away. Dexterously designed to capture the celestial vibes of galaxies far beyond, the colors of each die are carefully cast in resin to achieve their starry swirls and ethereal lustre. You can see which part of space the dice are based on in our image gallery.

Every set of 7 dice includes a D4, D6, D8, D%, D10, D12, and D20 dice. Buy all 6 sets and they’ll come with a FREE limited-edition dragon eye bag. It is the perfect gift for new players, dice collectors or teachers looking for a fun educational tool!

Level up your tabletop experience and roll on. Buy NOW and embark on your next great adventure!!!

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