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Hand cast red skull dice

Hand cast red skull dice

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These dice were sculpted, designed , and cast by hand. No machine was used to create them. They have become very collectable in the dice world. These dice have a wonderful weight, and make a great sound when rolled. This set is from a new casting run, and have the same stone core that our newer dice are made of. If you are a collector, this set needs to be in your collection. If you are starting a collection, this set needs to be in your collection.

Color: Red

Size: 3/4 inch x 3/4 inch, 2cm x 2cm

Materials: dyed , aged casting stone

Note 1: The purchase price is for a set of 1 dice.

Note 2: Due to the hand made process, each die is uniquely aged, and have some imperfections that add to the character and charm of these dice. No two are identical

Note 3: This batch of dice, are recently cast from a new mold.
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