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Dice Legend™️

FREE Today: DND Dragon Eye Dice Bag (Random Color)

FREE Today: DND Dragon Eye Dice Bag (Random Color)

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Our Dungeons & Dragons dice bag is designed to stay open during gameplay, so you can just reach in and grab a polyhedral dice set whenever you need one. When you're done, just cinch the drawstring dice bag closed, and you're good to go.

☠️ HUGE DICE STORAGE CAPACITY: This DnD bag of holding measures about 3" diameter and 5.5" tall

🧛‍♂️ MANY USES: this large dice pouch is ideal for storing one dice set to a dozen or more dice sets, no sweat. DnD figurines, DnD miniatures, or other small DnD accessories will also easily fit inside this pocketed dice bag.

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