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Random D20 Bath Bomb (Give away a random dice set)

Random D20 Bath Bomb (Give away a random dice set)

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Roll the dice on your bath time routine with our D20 shaped bath bomb! This unique and whimsical addition is packed with adventure and a full D20 of dice inside. Get ready to add a touch of excitement to your soak with the colorful fizz that transforms your bath into a playful wonderland. Whether you're a seasoned tabletop gamer, dungeon master, or just love to add a little geekiness to your life, this D20 bath bomb is the perfect gift for players, DMs and gamers alike. So, go ahead and take a chance, drop it in the tub and let the fun begin!

This is perfect for all Dungeons and Dragons players, TTRPG players, board gamers and just gamers in general who love all things dice.

As your bath bomb fizzles away the dice will find its way out for you to find.
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