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Baby Phoenix Dice Guardian (Random Color)

Baby Phoenix Dice Guardian (Random Color)

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Upgrade your gaming experience with our captivating Baby Phoenix Dice Guardian, expertly 3D printed in high-quality PLA and available in over 30 mesmerizing colors. This magical and functional accessory is the ultimate gift for tabletop RPG enthusiasts who play games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other fantasy-themed games.

Designed to protect your precious dice and bring a touch of mythical charm to your gaming table, this baby phoenix-inspired dice guardian captures the essence of a legendary creature reborn from the ashes. The Baby Phoenix Dice Guardian showcases intricate details and a vibrant design. Choose your preferred color from over 30 stunning options to match your personal style or gaming setup.


  • 3D printed Baby Phoenix Dice Guardian in high-quality PLA
  • Mythical design adds a legendary touch to your gaming sessions
  • Ideal gift for tabletop RPG players and fantasy enthusiasts
  • Designed to protect and showcase your precious dice
  • Available in over 30 captivating colors
  • Perfect for RPG, cosplay, and conventions

Immerse yourself in the world of mythical RPGs with our captivating Baby Phoenix Dice Guardian. Add this legendary gaming accessory to your cart today!

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