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Mossy Mushroom (Give away a random dice)

Mossy Mushroom (Give away a random dice)

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🎁An additional random free dice will be included with your order🎁

This charming dice set features magical red mushrooms and forest moss encased in clear resin. Painted with pretty green numbers (i just love colorful numbers, don't you?). A portal was opened into the feywild and we ventured in and found a variety of unique and beautiful mushrooms there. These hold magical powers of persuasion, healing, and luck.

Makes a great gift for any druid character, nature lover, wild child, fey observer, or someone into unique and cute dice. Perfect for Tabletop gaming - Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other Role Playing games or board games.

A red and white mushroom charm encased in clear resin with a green moss inclusion - a perfect gift for the druid in you party (circle of spores, anyone?)

7 piece polyhedral dice set - D20, D12, D10 (0-9 & 00-90), D8, D6, D4

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