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FREE Today: Constellation Divination

FREE Today: Constellation Divination

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【Constellation Divination Game Dice】 3 pieces 12-sided Astro dice, nice combination for satisfying your astrology using, predict the outcome of a future course of action or situation, Ives future guidance, helping you to make better choices and decisions.

【Charming Dice Appearance】 These witchcraft dice have 3 different color: brown mix black, purple mix black and lake blue mix rose, glitter add in the dice, as beautiful as the nebula in the universe, great for dice collection or as a gift.

【Factory First】 These D12 astrological dice are made of high quality polyresin material-safe and healthy, ell touch feeling, durable and not easy to break, reusable, has a long time service life.

【Easy to Read】 Large numbers in golden coloring for easy comprehension, no visual trouble, so you can focus more on your games or divination.

【Well Balanced, More Professional】 Using precise dice mold production, only polyresin material, no other materials and decorations are added to the dice, well balance easy to roll, ensure professional and practicality of the constellation dice.

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