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FREE Today: Cheese Dice Set

FREE Today: Cheese Dice Set

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🧀NOVELTY CHEESE DICE SET🎲 These fun cheesy dice offer a delicious alternative to plastic, and they are pleasing to the eye and for taste buds to saliva over. Perfect for a rat-themed Swarmkeeper Druid. Now call him Willard and roll cheese dice!

🧀FULL POLYHEDRAL DICE SET🎲 This standard 7-Die polyhedral RPG dice set contains D20, D12, D00(D%), D10, D8, D6 and D4. A monstrosity like this will be met at D&D table or collection with laughter and amusement!

🧀ROLL DELICIOUS FOR DICE GAMES🎲 Compatible with DnD, Pathfinder, and any other table-top game! Whether you are a halfling (hobbit), gnome, dwarf, human, or any other other creature, we're sure you'll enjoy these playful and quirky dice.

🧀IDEAL GIFT FOR CHEESE & DICE LOVER🎲 You can satisfy the turophile and Dungeons & Dragons (or various other RPG games) player at the same time with our cheese dice set.

Package include: 7 pcs Cheese Dice Set
Does not include cheese box

Whether you're rolling for a critical hit or determining your fate, these dice will bring an extra sprinkle of excitement to your gaming table.

So, gather your party, slice into the world of fantasy, and let the DND Cheese Dice Set add a touch of cheesy magic to your gaming sessions. With these dice by your side, victory will be as gratifying as savoring a delectable cheese platter. Embrace the cheddar and conquer the realms of imagination like never before! 

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