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Baby Dragon Dice Guardian + Mystery D20 (Random Color)

Baby Dragon Dice Guardian + Mystery D20 (Random Color)

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This little guy is too cute and comes in a range of colours that all look amazing in their own way to guard your favourite dice!

🌙 Tranquil Dice Keeper:
This sleepy baby dragon peacefully safeguards your favourite D20 and is a unique, functional, and compact piece that can fit into any tabletop setting!

📋 High tech; experience:
Each order is precision-crafted with the latest in 3D printing technology, plus we have years of experience to make sure that your order comes out as good as can be!

🎲 Dice:
Each guardian comes with a matching 3D-printed D20, please keep in mind that these are complimentary and are not the focus of this listing. The numbers aren't of an ideal contrast and the top and bottom don't have ideal textures, but nonetheless we think they're still very nice and we hope you appreciate them!

📏 Dimensions:
Length: 7cm/2.75"
Width: 7cm/2.75"
Height: 4cm/1.75"

Should fit any standard sized D20
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