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Handmade One Ring D&D Dice - The Rings Resin DND Dice

Handmade One Ring D&D Dice - The Rings Resin DND Dice

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Materials: Resin

Ever seen a Lord of the Rings film? Newest design!!!
We combined the rings with dice. Very unique style. Resin material with sharp edges. Each dice has a ring inside. With rendered colours. Definitely the best gift for collecting and gifting!

Excellent handmade workmanship! Clear figures with delicate dragon details. Perfect for a variety of tabletop PRG games (e.g. Dungeons and Dragons, board games, etc.). These DND DICE are available in a variety of colors. Very comfortable in the hand. Good entertainment for you to enjoy!

This DND Dice would make the perfect Christmas gift or birthday present. Feel free to order! Can be collected and played with family and friends!
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